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God’s Sovereignty


Written by Laura Georgakakos, a contemporary editor and writer. This is an excerpt from her book “Grace Notes.”

God has all things in hand. When we are feeling close to Him and trust Him, that can be a great relief. But when things aren’t going the way we wish we can be frustrated or angry by the fact that He rules and we don’t. How we feel about God’s sovereignty – grateful or irritated—can tell us a lot about how yielded we are to Him and His will. It can be a valuable barometer of something needing attention in our relationship. Notice that during those times when we trust in God’s unfailing love, we live more peaceably with His sovereignty. This week, set aside what seems to be a more pressing task and intentionally choose to be alone with God. The Sovereign Lord does not rule your life with a fist or a scowl; His hands are open, His arms outstretched. The most amazing truth and gift is this – that the supreme authority and power of the universe, He who controls the motion of the planets and governs the kings of the earth, wants to draw near to you, to sit with you in a comfortable spot to talk and to listen and to laugh. He has things to share, and He longs for your approach.


Written by Laura Georgakakos, author of today’s meditation.

Sovereign Lord, I get busy and harried and pretend not to hear it, but please keep knocking at the door of my heart. Insist on our time together. Alone with You is where I am supposed to be and I know it. That is the place of greatest blessing and peace; only there will I get the proper perspective on all that is demanding my attention. Thank you for all You are waiting to bestow. My heart says of you, “Seek His face!”  Your face, Lord, I will seek.

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