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Importance of Prayer


Written by Francis de Sales (1567-1622), Bishop of Geneva known for his gentle approach to the religious divisions from the Protestant Reformation. This is excerpted from his book “Introduction to the Devout Life.”

Prayer places our understanding in the brightness of God’s light, and exposes our will to the warmth of His love. Nothing else effectively purifies our understanding of its ignorance and our will of its depraved affections. It is the water of blessing which, as it flows, revives the plants of our good desires and causes them to bloom, washes the imperfections from our soul, and quenches the fire of the passions of our heart. By looking at our Lord often in meditation, your whole being will be filled with Him. You will learn His attitudes and model your actions on His.

Begin any kind of prayer, whether mental or vocal, by recalling the presence of God. Keep to this rule without exception. You will soon realize how helpful it is for you. Do not hurry to say many prayers, but those you do pray, say from the heart.


Written by Polycarp (65-155), a Christian presbyter of Smyrna and Christian martyr.

May God the Father, and the Eternal High Priest Jesus Christ, build us up in faith and truth and love, and grant to us our portion among the saints with all those who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray for all saints, for kings and rulers, for the enemies of the Cross of Christ, and for ourselves we pray that our fruit may abound and we many be made perfect in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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