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Written by Francine Rivers, contemporary Christian author. This is an excerpt from her book “Earth Psalms: Reflections of How God Speaks Through Nature.”

Rick and I get up early, and we’re often treated to a sunrise casting its glow along the horizon. Early evening brings the sunset. Each winter, winds strip our oak of its broad leaves, so we can see the full blaze of glory from our deck.  Colors, so many colors. Sunrise often brings pinks, lavenders, and pale yellows that give way to pale blue above a sea of white cotton clouds. By five o’clock, the sun is going down. One night, the sky was molten hot red with streaks of fiery orange and gold. Another night, the clouds turned lavender and pink, then purple. When the sun disappeared, the sky turned indigo, then black with diamond dust tossed onto heavenly canvas.

Sunrise, sunset. Both amaze us. Each day is different, unique, rich in variant hues, with swirls of gauzy cloud designs that shape and color by the minute—all painted by the Artist as we watch in awe. I have come to see these time of incredible beauty as God’s daily greetings, a reminder that He loves us and is ever present. We are never alone. We can speak with Him anytime, day or night. Sunrise is God’s “Good morning.” I can look forward to the day, knowing He will guide and protect me. As Scripture tells us, “His mercies begin afresh each morning.” What a wonderful promise! Yesterday’s mistakes don’t carry over. Today is a new beginning, and God can open my eyes to new friends, possibilities, opportunities. And then, in the evening as the sun goes down in all its glory, God’s “Good Night” reassures me that I am in His hand and on His heart, and He watches over me as I sleep. Morning, evening, or in the darkest stretches of the night, He is never off duty. 


Written by Francine Rivers, author of the meditation.

Lord God, I am grateful for Your amazing sunrises and sunsets, which remind me of Your love and Your presence. Thank You that Your mercies begin afresh each day. Your forgiveness allows me to begin every morning anew, ready to see what You have for me. In the evening, when I lie down to sleep, may I rest in the knowledge that You have been with me all day and will continue to watch over me.

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