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Justice and Righteousness


Written by John Calvin (1509-1564), a French theologian, pastor, reformer of the Protestant Reformation, and principal figure in developing the reformed theology known as Calvinism. This is an excerpt from his book “Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life.”

The goal of the new life is that God’s children exhibit melody and harmony in their conduct. What melody? The song of God’s justice. What harmony? The harmony between God’s righteousness and our obedience.  Only if we walk in the beauty of God’s law do we become sure of our adoption as children of the Father.

The laws of God contains in itself the dynamic of the new life by which his image is fully restored in us; but by nature we are sluggish and, therefore, we need to be stimulated, aided in our efforts by a guiding principle. A sincere repentance from the heart does not guarantee that we shall not wander from the straight path and sometimes become bewildered. Let us then search Scripture to find the root principle for the reformation of our life.


From the PC-USA Book of Common Worship

We need not hide ourselves from you,

before whose justice no one can stand.

Your mercy was proclaimed by the apostles and the prophets,

and shown forth to us in Jesus Christ.

You give your law to guide us,

and you promise new life for all,

that we may live to serve you among our neighbors

in all we do and say.  Amen.

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