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God’s Protection


Written by Ron Moore, contemporary American pastor and Christian author.

David was on the run through no fault of his own. Jealous King Saul was in hot pursuit intent on putting him to death. David’s ragtag army was no match for Saul’s elite soldiers. David knew that if they ever caught him. they would most certainly tear him apart like a lion.

Have you ever been unjustly accused…at work, by friends, or even in your home? You admit that you are not perfect. You know you can say things that others misunderstand. But this time, at least, you are innocent. Your accusers are not intent on ripping you to pieces like David’s, but they are out to get you nonetheless. What do you do? Retaliate? Make similar accusations? Spread rumors? Mount an all out social media attack? No. Do what David did.

David found protection in God alone. God was his refuge so he made his appeal to the One who will “judge the peoples.” He is the One who knows your heart and will bring vindication. He is the righteous and just God. Can you trust God with accusations against you? He is more than capable to deliver you and deliver justice.


This is a traditional Welsh prayer.

Grant me, O God, thy merciful protection; and in protection give me strength, I pray; and in my strength, O grant me wise discretion; and in discretion, make me ever just; and with my justice, may I mingle love; and with my love, O God, the love of thee; and with the love of thee, the love of all. Amen.

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