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God Satisfies


Written by Billy Graham (1918-2018), an American Christian evangelist.

Man hungers for food, and God sends the sun and rain upon the golden fields of grain. The grain is made into flour, and flour into bread, and man’s physical hunger is satisfied. Man hungers for love; and God ignites the fire of affection in another heart, and two hearts are made complete in the bonds of holy matrimony.

Man hungers for knowledge, and God raises up institutions of learning, calls men to be instructors, puts it into the hearts of the rich to endow them; and men are satisfied in their thirst for knowledge. Man hungers for fellowship; and God allows him to build cities where men can share their industry, and their knowledge, and their skills.

Don’t tell me that God can supply man with an abundance of everything material and yet will let him starve spiritually! . . . God will satisfy the hunger and thirst of those who desire His righteousness because He loves the world with an undying affection.


Written by Robert Parker (1564-1614), an English Puritan clergyman and scholar.

Show me how to love the world, that my bold love for you would increase. Remind me that the fashions of the world pass away, and their momentary glory will vanish into emptiness and nothing. Draw my heart to you and set my mind on things that will last forever. Help me love you fiercely, and cleave to you with a perfect heart. May nothing here satisfy my soul. Protect me through the rest of this day, that I may fall into no temptation, and no danger of soul or body, for the sake of Jesus Christ my blessed Redeemer. Amen.

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