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Being Exalted


Written by Saint Augustine (354-430), a theologian, philosopher, and Bishop of Hippo Regius in Roman North Africa. This is an excerpt from Sermon 96 in “Journey with the Fathers.”

Who would not wish to follow Christ to supreme happiness, perfect peace, and lasting security? We shall do well to follow him there, but we need to know the way. The Lord Jesus had not yet risen from the dead when he gave this invitation. His passion was still before him; he had still to endure the cross, to face outrages, reproaches, scourging; to be pierced by thorns, wounded, insulted, taunted, and put to death. The road seems rough, you draw back, you do not want to follow Christ. Follow him just the same. The road we made for ourselves is rough, but Christ has leveled it by passing over it himself.

Who does not desire to be exalted? Everyone enjoys a high position. But self-abasement is the step that leads to it. Why take strides that are too big for you—do you want to fall instead of going up? Begin with this step and you will find yourself climbing. The two disciples who said: “Lord, command that one of us shall sit at your right hand in your kingdom and the other at your left” had no wish to think about this step of self-abasement. They wanted to reach the top without noticing the step that led there. The Lord showed them the step, however, by his reply: “Can you drink the cup that I am to drink?”  You who aim at the highest exaltation, can you drink the cup of humiliation? He did not simply give the general command: “Let him renounce himself and follow me” but added: “Let him take up his cross and follow me.”


Written by Janel Perez Eckles, a contemporary author and speaker.

Compassionate Father, so many people here are suffering. Only You know the depth and breadth of the burdens carried here. Grant me wisdom to know how I can be an instrument of Your peace, both tangibly and intangibly. Amen.

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