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Beloved of the Lord


Written by Marjorie J. Thompson, a contemporary parish minister, author, teacher, and retreat leader.  This is an excerpt from her book “The Way to Forgiveness, Participant’s Book.”

We may see that to live as Jesus did is to experience what it means to be beloved sons and daughters of God. The more we know our belovedness, the more freely we may live by the measure of Jesus’ own example in the power of loving humility and transforming mercy. Here lie the spiritual roots of forgiveness and reconciliation. But the possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation can be as difficult to embrace as the notion of our belovedness.


Written by Francis Nuttall (1892-1983), an English calligrapher, artist, and bookbinder who was born in India of English parents.  This prayer is known as the prayer of the chalice.

Beloved, to Thee I raise my whole being,

a vessel emptied of self. Accept, O Lord,

this my emptiness, and so fill me with

Thy Self — Thy Light, Thy Love, Thy

Life — that these Thy precious Gifts

may radiate through me and over-

flow the chalice of my heart into

the hearts of all with whom I

come in contact this day,

revealing unto them

the beauty of

Thy joy






of Thy Peace

which nothing can destroy.

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