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What is Joy?


Written by Dallas Willard (1935-2013), an American philosopher known for his writings on Spiritual Formation. This is an excerpt from his book: The Divine Conspiracy Continued: Fulfilling God’s Kingdom on Earth.”

Joy is a positive outlook of hopefulness based upon a pervasive, overall sense of well-being. Joy, like love, has a “feeling” component that is pleasant. Yet joy, like love, is not a feeling. Joy maintains a positive posture in life that assumes that good will be supported and eventually triumph over any apparent obstacle. Therefore, joy is fully compatible with the experiences of pain, disappointment, or sorrow, because joyfulness always takes a wider view of circumstances and works with hope to expect good to prevail. Joy enables patience, faithfulness to commitments, and the all-important ability to defer instant gratification. Joy gives one the ability to say no, or perhaps a very firm “not yet,” to the immediacy of desire. Both responses are evidence of joy’s ability to overcome the tyranny of the urgent, since one is joyful with the present state of affairs, whatever that may be. The bearing of joy on the good life should be obvious. It is indispensable to steady contentment and perseverance in any task. Joy liberates from the demand or temptation of immediate satisfaction, which resists waiting for what is good or best. Accordingly, joy is the best platform from which to make any sound investment.


Written by Rachel Wojo, a contemporary author and speaker.

Dear Father,

I come before you with focused heart.

How can I begin to express my gratitude

for your great love for me?

The depths of your love are so wide

And so deep… and so long

That I can only attempt to understand the vastness.

While my mind can’t comprehend Your greatness in entirety,

My heart’s desire is to follow Your lead.

Every step and every corner,

I surrender to Your plan, no matter where it leads.

While I haven’t always been so willing,

I’m renewing my vows to you, Lord.

I beg you to take me and use me as only you can.

No matter the time or place.

It truly is my joy to say

Your will. Your way.


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