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Written by Macrina Wiederkehr, a contemporary author and spiritual guide. This is an excerpt from her book “A Tree Full of Angels.”

Fairy tales and myths have often been used as vehicles to teach a truth that is too deep for ordinary words. Our invitation to become one with God is too deep for ordinary words. How do we talk about a call to be like God? The early Christians were much more concerned about being divinized than about keeping laws. Sadly, somewhere along our historical journey we got preoccupied with law and doing things that would keep us out of hell. We lost sight of our original union with God and the continuing call to be like God. In fact, we became so busy keeping out of hell that we forgot we were on the way to heaven. We started loving God for the gifts we would receive or the punishment we would avoid. But is that truly love? What about the wonder and possibility of being simply and utterly in love, the only reason being that once upon a time before a burning bush the One Who Is said, “I Am who Am!” The bush still burns. What about our love? How bright is the flame?


Written by Timothy Keller, a contemporary American pastor, theologian, author, speaker, and Christian apologist.

Lord, help me to see when the enemy is trying to shroud my thoughts with darkness. Shine your light upon me and keep the flame for You burning in my heart. I’m thankful that Your light inside of me will shine brightly for others to see. Amen.

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