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Written by James C. Fenhagen, an Episcopal rector, author, theological educator, seminary president, and lecturer. This is an excerpt from his book “Invitation to Holiness.” 

We are called to share in the ministry of Jesus Christ in and through the world. In the Sacrament of Baptism this call is incarnated, giving us both a clear identity in the world and a sense of purpose about what our lives are ultimately for. Sharing in the ministry of Jesus Christ involves living in the world as an expression of the holiness we see in him—a holiness expressed through his compassion, his concern for justice (righteousness), and through his healing and reconciling presence in the world. The relationship he offers to us—when entered into with seriousness—results in those qualities we see in him being expressed through us, sometimes even despite ourselves. We cannot, therefore, limit this expression to a particular profession or a particular role or a particular job.


Written by Ken Boa, a contemporary teacher, writer, speaker, and President of Reflections Ministries.

Dear Lord, I ask for the grace to be winsome and attractive to others who wish to know You better. May they sense the fragrance of Christ in me and see increasing evidence of the fruit of Your Holy Spirit in my life. I know this is only possible as I pursue You and apprentice myself to Jesus by following Him wherever He leads. Show me the people You want to touch through me, and grant me the willingness to love and serve them with no hidden agendas or manipulative expectations. I wish to impart what You have so freely given me to the people You have called me to bless. May I become a conduit of Your love and grace and never an end in myself. I know that as I give myself to others, I will discover the true satisfaction and spiritual wealth that You encourage me to pursue. Amen.

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