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Simple Wisdom


Written by Valerie Weaver.

I have never liked heights and my 7-year-old granddaughter shares my discomfort. One day she was with me as we were driving on a road that had a steep drop off to one side. I immediately saw her discomfort and told her that she need not worry as the cliffside of the road had continuous guardrails to keep us from falling off. That seemed to calm her until we came to a place where there had obviously been an accident and the guardrails had been knocked down. In anticipation of her discomfort and fear, as she looked at the stretch where the rails were gone, I assured her that they would be replaced soon. Had I not been driving her response would have brought me to my knees. “Of course, they will be fixed grandma”, she said. “God does not ever want us to fall off a cliff”. Her simple faith and wisdom said it all to me. These past two years and the uncertainties of the future have been so stressful and strange for so many of us. We have been masked, separated, isolated, and fearful. I worried that life had changed forever, and I was saddened and aggrieved. Her simple faith that God would always provide our guardrails humbled me. I was reminded that His love, grace, and protection were all the guardrails in life that I could ever need.


Written by Clement of Rome (?-99 A.D.), Bishop of Rome and considered to be the first Apostolic Father of the Church.

We beseech You, Master, to be our helper and protector. Save the afflicted among us; have mercy on the lowly; Raise up the fallen; appear to the needy; heal the ungodly; Restore the wanderers of Your people; Feed the hungry; ransom our prisoners; Raise up the sick; comfort the faint-hearted.


What Wonderous LovePerformed by The St. Olaf Choir.

The hymn dates to the 11th century and is often ascribed to Gregory the Great. others believe it to be of English origin.

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