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An Open Path


Written by Celeste Bailey.

When my family and I came to the US, my twin sister and I were 17 and just graduated from high school in Beirut, Lebanon. We came in January and tried to apply to Columbia University (our brother lived a few blocks away from the university), but we were told that we had to wait until September.

We prayed that God would open a path for us, so we won’t have to lose the academic year. Our dear Egyptian family friend, who emigrated with his wife and daughter to the US years earlier than us, suggested we try a junior college near where they lived. They knew the Dean of the college quite well and asked him for help. Without hesitation, the Dean accepted us to attend the college right away.

With trepidation, my sister and I moved into the college’s dorm, which was about one and a half hours north of Manhattan. We became quite a ‘celebrity’ in this quiet small town. A reporter came to take our photo and asked us questions regarding our escape from the civil war in Lebanon. However, the article was really about a Muslim American (our friend) and a Jewish American (the Dean) coming together to help two Christian girls in time of need! Because of the kindness of two people, we were able to finish Freshman year and we are so ever grateful to them and to the Lord who works all things together for good to those who love Him.

I should not forget to mention that my first-time meetings with dormmates were a bit comical. When they saw my sister and me, their mouths dropped with astonishment and quickly inquired why we are not wearing a ‘hijab’ and asked us if we rode ‘camels’. The look on their faces was priceless. I think we disappointed them, but we did have a good laugh!


Written by Brian Heasley, a contemporary author and International Prayer Director for 24-7 Prayer.

Father, I want to fight for the things that You care about. I want to finish the race that You’ve set before me. I want to keep the faith, continuing to move and grow no matter my age or stage of life. Thank You for the call and the challenge of this. Amen.


In the Garden: Performed by Rosemary Siemens. The hymn was written in 1912 by C. Austin Miles (1868-1946) based on a vision he saw while reading his favorite Bible chapter, John 20.

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