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Written by Arlene Stamper.

Do you ever wonder if you have made a difference in someone’s life because you are a Christian?  I can tell you firsthand that being a Christian and sharing your faith with others can change a life. It changed mine. I grew up with parents that did not go to church or profess faith in God. My father was born in 1907 in a German town in Europe.  He experienced cruel behavior from the priests in his town and he wanted nothing to do with the church.  My mother took me to the Presbyterian Church because I begged her to take me. I was baptized when I was nine. But still…it was an uphill battle to be Christian in my family. And somehow, I felt I was disappointing them. It was just easier to not go to church. And I lost my way. I had doubts. But God placed many Christians in my path. Thank you, Lord!  One of my friends displayed such a strong faith and I marveled at her belief. I wished I could be like that. Another good friend when I shared my doubts, she gave me a beautifully framed biblical quote “Doubting Thomas” which I kept by my bedside for years. My mother-in-law who was a devout Baptist would serve up big mugs of hot tea when I visited, then she read from her bible and answered my many questions. They all shared their faith with me.  And encouraged me. I have experienced the love of many Christians …even when I resisted His love and didn’t think I could have that kind of faith. I thank them all and I thank God for them…and for not ever giving up on me. Now I try to share my faith with others whenever the opportunity arises. You just never know who may be waiting for that right word of encouragement for them to take that step of faith. 


Written by Emily Rose Massey, a contemporary writer, storyteller, and disciple of Jesus.

Father, I thank You for calling me to Yourself and making me Your child through what Jesus did for me on the cross. In Him, I am now able to be called righteous, not for anything I have done, but because of His sacrifice. You have called us as believers to go into the world and make disciples of every nation. I ask that You give me a courage and boldness to share Your truth and Your Gospel with those around me, whether that is online or with another person face to face.  I pray that those you place in my path would see Your great love for them in the truth that I share. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Were I the Perfect Child of God: Performed by Tony Alonso. Contemporary songwriter and pastor for the Church of Scotland, John Bell, wrote the text to accompany this traditional Scottish melody in 2004.

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