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Tribute to Donnie Dee


Written by Bill Hoehn.

I am happy to share a person through whom I see God working in the world today– Donnie Dee.  In the 1980s, Donnie played a couple of years as a tight end in the NFL.  He then worked for many years in our area with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a ministry to coaches and high school students.  That is when I got to know him.  A few years ago, Donnie took a leap of faith and went to work as the leader of the San Diego Rescue Mission.  The Rescue Mission houses and feeds over 300 men, women, and children who are dealing with homelessness, mental illness, substance addiction, and other afflictions which have left them on the fringes of society.  Of course, all of us know that homelessness is the most visible societal problem of our generation.  Since taking over his leadership position, Donnie has made great strides in expanding the Mission’s outreach into North and South Counties, bringing housing, meals, counseling, and even mobile hot showers around the County to people who have no access to regular hygiene.  He truly sets an example of being “boots-on-the-ground” as a soldier for Christ with some of the poorest and most long-suffering people in San Diego.  I give thanks to God for people like Donnie who work tirelessly, patiently, and hopefully in the name of Jesus in very difficult, seemingly intractable situations. Many of you may have met Donnie at our Alternative Christmas Market. 


Written by Maano Pohamba, a contemporary author.

Oh Lord, give me a mind and a heart like the Father’s heart. Let me be able to know what God thinks and feels towards His people so that I may be able to represent Him correctly. Give me a heart that wants to serve others. Let me be sensitive to the needs of those around me, that I may offer help where I can. Use me for your glory, Lord. Use me to build up your Church. Let the world see You in me, my God. Your word tells me that I am a member of the body of Christ. Amen.


Here I Am Lord Performed by John Michael Talbot

This hymn was written by Dan Schutte in 1979 and was published in 1981. He wrote the song while studying theology at the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley.

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