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Written by N. T. Wright, a contemporary Biblical scholar, theologian, and former Anglican bishop. This is an excerpt from his book “Broken Signposts.”

John’s gospel depicts a God who cares deeply about justice. This point is fundamental: although we humans have within ourselves a strong echo of this longing for justice, in God himself that longing is complete and perfected. Part of the hope the Christian faith offers is the knowledge that God will not allow injustice to be the last word. That is a central element in the good news of the gospel. It is vital, then, to remember that John’s gospel is a book about how the whole world is being put right at last. It is a book about justice. It tells the story of how the creator God himself is passionate about things being sorted out, straightened out. And it tells us what he has done to bring it about. Unless we read the book with this larger story in mind, we won’t understand the teaching about love and comfort that we are (rightly and properly) wanting and expecting. The ultimate truth is important for us to remember as we encounter two dark realities in John’s gospel: the fact that Jesus himself is seemingly a victim of injustice and the power of the Adversary to create and exacerbate injustice in this world.


Written by Brian Heasley, a contemporary author and International Prayer Director for 24-7 Prayer.

Written by Kirstyn Mayden, a contemporary Christian author.

Dear God, we look for Your guidance and wisdom to restore and heal systems of injustice that continue to permeate our country and the world. Amidst racism, educational disparities, and healthcare inequalities, remind us of Your sovereignty. Unify where there is division and help us to view each other in the image of You. Forgive us for times that we have played any role in perpetuating systems of injustice and soften our hearts to listen and hear from those who are different than us. Thank you for Your restorative power that can heal broken hearts, systems, and indifference. Teach how to continue to glorify You in our actions, attitudes, and minds.


My Anchor Holds: Performed by Golden State Baptist College Choir. The hymn was written by William Clark Martin (1864-1914), a Baptist pastor and hymn writer in 1902. Music was composed by Daniel Brink Towner (1850-1919).

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