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Do I Need to Say It?


Written by Lyn Cowell, a contemporary author and speaker.

I typed out the text as fast as my fingers would go, frustrated over the situation. The faster I got it resolved, the sooner my heart would stop pounding and I could get back to my work. But before I hit “send,” I sensed stop. It’s not that what I said was wrong, mean or unkind. What the sense of stop was telling me was that it was not the right time. Are you someone like me who sometimes wants to just get things off my chest, clear the air and share what’s on my mind? While I’ve been learning a whole lot, over the past few years, about honesty and getting free from people-pleasing, I also need Jesus’ wisdom to know when and how to share information. I’m learning that timing is extremely important. Jesus knows that some very hard days are on the horizon for His friends. He is about to die, and it will appear that everything the disciples have centered their lives on for the past three years is about to be gone with the death of Jesus. Jesus, too, is feeling the weight. He is the one about to die! … He has things to say, things that need to be said, but because Jesus knows those things would crush His friends at that moment, He holds back. He bears the weight because of His great love for His friends.

Today, or in a day or two, you’ll have something you just have to say. I will, too. But before we let words fly so that our hearts feel lighter, let’s run those words past our Helper, the Holy Spirit, and first ask Him: Is this the right time? Are these the right words? Is this loving?…Jesus says the Holy Spirit will be the One to deliver the information for Him at a later time:  Yes, Jesus will not say the words Himself but instead will rely on the Holy Spirit to do the relaying. That is similar to how my situation worked out. That conversation I thought I just had to have? The other person brought up the situation a few days later, and it was much better that they made the discovery versus me pointing it out. I’m so grateful when the Holy Spirit saves me from me. Aren’t you glad when He saves you, too?


Pat Bergan, a contemporary activist, writer, and photographer.


Gracious God,

Thank you for the gift of today.

Refresh me. Invite me to discover your presence

In each person that I meet

And every event that I encounter.

Teach me when to speak and when to listen

When to ponder and when to share.

In moments of challenge and decision

Attune my heart to the whisperings of your Wisdom.

As I undertake ordinary and unnoticed tasks,

Gift me with simple joy.

When my day goes well, may I rejoice.

When it grows difficult, surprise me with

New possibilities.

When life is overwhelming, call me to

Sabbath moments

To restore your Peace and Harmony.

May my living today reveal your Goodness.

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