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Written by Rick Warren, a contemporary pastor, author, and speaker.

Learning to manage your emotions is the key to peace of mind. In other words, you need to learn to deal with what you feel! Here are four important reasons why you need to manage your emotions: 1) Emotions are often unreliable. Your gut is often wrong… Your intuition is often flawed. Your emotions often lead you down a blind alley. You can’t depend on everything you feel!  You don’t have to accept everything you feel, because not everything you feel is right or authentic or will lead you in the right direction. 2) You don’t want to be manipulated. If you don’t control your emotions, they will control you, and you will be manipulated by your moods. And if you’re always guided by your feelings, other people will take advantage of you. Worst of all, negative emotions are Satan’s favorite tool. He will use fear, resentment, and worry to wreak havoc in your life…3) You want to please God. God cannot rule your life if emotions rule your life. If you make your decisions based on how you feel, then you’ve made your feelings your god, and then God can’t be God in your life… 4) You want to succeed in life. Study after study has shown that your emotional quotient is far more important than your IQ when it comes to success. How many people do you know who ruined their reputation because of something said in anger? Or missed a job opportunity because of their lack of self-control? …When you choose to follow Jesus, that decision includes your emotions. Jesus wants to be Lord of how you feel, not just what you think and do. He wants to be Lord of your emotions.


Written by Aaron Brown, a contemporary writer, teacher, and visual artist.

Lord, I know that today is for me and tomorrow is for you, but sometimes I can’t help but be afraid. I grow weary of wondering what will happen in the world, this country? What new calamity will we face tomorrow? This year has brought many unforeseen challenges to myself and others spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I’m afraid that life will get worse. I’m afraid that I have nothing to hope in anymore. Please help me to maintain my trust in you. Please help me to remember all the ways you have supported me throughout my life up until this point. Help me to not forget all that you have done. Lord, you are my refuge. Your love does not change even when my circumstances do. Help me to not forget…I can trust in you always. Amen.

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