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Written by Kelly Givens, a contemporary author and editor.

We are called to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Pretty simple…except when it isn’t…I’ve thought of some scenarios that may indicate we’re failing at this:  1) instead of rejoicing at someone’s news, we immediately begin to compare how our circumstances measure up 2) We’re quick to say “Oh yes, that happened to me once, too” instead of silently listening and acknowledging the hurt of others. 3) We try to come to the rescue in every situation, rather than acknowledging that some suffering isn’t solvable or explainable (think Job and his friends). 4) We brush off the pain of others because we think they are “taking things too hard.” 5) We’re quick to say, “Well at least you’ve never experienced this” (insert whatever horrible thing we’ve experienced). 6) We think they cheated their way to the blessings, just got lucky, or don’t deserve the good thing they received.

I think central to our failure to rejoice and weep with others is a preoccupation with self. We can’t step outside of ourselves long enough to truly step into both the blessings and sufferings of those around us. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve tried to make a habit of acknowledging the joys and sufferings of others without immediately inserting myself into the situation. This isn’t a natural inclination for me. Satan is the master of deception and loves to make us fall for one of the oldest tricks in the book: that everything is about us. People are most successful at eliminating bad behaviors or habits from their lives when they replace them with a good habit or behavior. So, I not only have to stop focusing on myself, but I have to replace all that time I spend thinking of myself with thinking of God. This is life-transforming; this is the key to killing pride – not simply humbling yourself, but exalting God – who is the only thing worthy of our exaltation.


Written by Kevin Halloran, a contemporary pastor and author.

Merciful Father, while I aspire to a life of godly humility, the pull of pride seems too strong to overcome. I so often desire to sit on your throne instead of bowing before You as the only true Sovereign and Holy God. I think highly of myself and my accomplishments and forget I am a man made of dust who at best can be called a servant of a great God. I even diminish the offense of pride by holding it lightly; forgetting that pride cast Satan from Your presence and brought the corruption of your creation. Oh, Lord, rescue me from foolish pride and help me learn from Your gentle and humble heart!

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