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Release Ourselves


This meditation is written by Lauren Frazier, a contemporary author.

It can be easy to think that the work we do earns us right standing with God. It is even fair to think this way, as in this world, working earns us money and status. Working is a requirement of this world to have most things. However, this is not so for our eternal life. The only work we need to do is to surrender to the one that has done everything already. In our surrendering, we give Him the recognition for all that our life is and becomes. This is the purpose of our lives and in that, we find an abundance of joy. Unfortunately, because the world seems to reward pride and selfish behavior, surrender can feel hard.  We must never forget that Christ has walked in our shoes. He has weathered our experiences of temptation. In surrendering, we must release ourselves from our pride and ask for help. Temptation surrounds us. To walk a life of surrender means that our dependence on God must be in every moment. This includes accepting His grace and mercy when we fall short. Which we inevitably will fall short. We can be incredibly hard on ourselves. This is what can make surrender feel so hard. Understanding that we need to depend on God for guidance but recognizing that we are not perfect and His grace is sufficient for us is how we gain freedom and move with more ease.


Written by James Taiwo, a contemporary American author.

Dear heavenly Father, please make me an obedient child. Let me listen and obey your instructions. Give me the ability to do whatever you ask me to do. Do not let me provoke your judgment with disobedience. Enable me to always be conscious that “you see all things and you will appropriately judge all things – either with blessings or disciplines.” For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

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