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Hungers of Our Heart


Written by Wendy Miller, a contemporary author and teacher. This is an excerpt from her book “Learning to Listen.”

Much of our world’s noise and activity seems designed to silence the hungers and longings of our heart. Maybe we are unaware of these deep, inner hungers. They are there, but perhaps no one has encouraged us to pay attention. Jesus speaks to the hungers of our heart, to our inner longings. If we listen to Jesus, we will discover that these longings are the doorways through which we come to God and through which God comes to us. Jesus says that the people with these longings are “blessed” – are welcomed into God’s family, are brought into God’s kind and gracious presence, are connected to one another.


Written Mark Roberts, a contemporary author and speaker.  

God, you know I struggle sometimes with letting go, quieting my heart, and knowing you. Help me, I pray, to be so convinced of your goodness and faithfulness that I can indeed let go of all that belongs to you. Show me, Lord, what I am to carry. And even then, may I carry it by your grace and for your glory. Amen.

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