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Written by Irene Dickson.

The birthplace of Jesus is often visually depicted very elaborately, particularly in Renaissance art, with bright colors, rich textures, angels, and kings surrounding the manger in the stable where our Lord was born. When I think of the manger, I think of the simplicity. Two young parents with a tiny baby, trying to figure it all out, like most young parents do. This photo of a humble manger scene carved out of acacia wood, reminds me of my years growing up in Africa. In my parents’ house, we had many hand-carved wooden animals and other African artifacts. I wonder if the local African craftsmen knew of Jesus when they carved these nativity pieces. When I think about the scene at Jesus’ birth, the words of a favorite hymn keep playing in my head ‘Jesus was born in a stable, there was no room at the Inn, He had a stall for a cradle … and that was good enough Him’. We see in the stores that the shelves are empty due to ‘supply chain issues!” Yet another Christmas unlike most in the past. But surely, as we are able to gather this Christmas, attend worship in our Church, and all the wonderful Advent events, we all feel that we don’t need extravagant gifts- being with family and friends is ‘good enough’.

SCRIPTURE: 1 John 4:10

MUSIC VIDEO: Jesus Was Born in a Stable

Performed by Robert Sund

From the Dickson Family Nativity Collection

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