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Reflection on Elizabeth


Excerpted from a writing by John Mark Reynolds, contemporary author and director of the Torrey Honors Institute.

Nobody knew her name, but then she burst into history after a long life. Elizabeth was a failure by the standards of her culture, but God loved her. Just when most friends thought her time had passed, Elizabeth found herself at the beginning of Christmas. There is hope in her life for any of us. God acts when the time is right and can empower anyone, at any time, in any place to do His will. Elizabeth loved God and God did not forget her… Elizabeth faced the surprise Advent visit of a very pregnant Virgin Mary. She faced this guest while very pregnant herself with a husband who had been cursed by an angel. When Mary discovered she was pregnant, she knew where to go. Most anybody would guess, gossip, or judge her swelling belly, but Elizabeth would take her into a home and keep Mary safe… She had been judged by others, but she refused to prejudge Mary. The older woman had longed to be pregnant and now an angel had promised her a son… Elizabeth models the possibility of knowledge that comes from within by faith in God’s promises…Elizabeth is always joyful, joyful in greeting Mary, and joyful at the birth of her son. Some of us might demand more from God, but Elizabeth was delighted with her one great blessing. She knew what she should want and that she was bound to get it and so could be content. Elizabeth valued properly and history has given her proper value. The old woman must have died happy as her son and his great relative, God’s son, grew up. The baby grew and became a man, the forerunner to Messiah. Mary would face pain so great that it would be compared to a sword thrust through her heart, but Elizabeth likely was not there for the conclusion of the life of her son John and Jesus. She did not have to go to the foot of the cross. We have no record of her during John the Baptist’s ministry.

SCRIPTURE: Luke 1:24-25; 39-45; 56-66

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Nativity Scene from the Pope Family Nativity Collection.

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