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Written by Nancy Ruth, a contemporary children’s minister and author.

The story of the little drummer boy is not in the Bible, but this fictional story points to an important truth. It tells the story of a young boy who was invited to go see the newborn King, Jesus. He worries that he is poor and has nothing to bring this special child as a gift. When the little drummer boy gets to the stable and sees the baby and the mother, Mary, the young boy asks if he can play them a song on his drum. What a special moment it would have been if a poor little drummer boy actually had a chance to play his drum for the King of kings and His earthy parents. Can you imagine what that would feel like? If you read the descriptions of Jesus’ actual birth, there is no little drummer boy. Still, the Bible does say that God doesn’t want or need fancy gifts. All He wants is your heart. When we give God our heart, we turn away from our sin (doing wrong things and not doing the right things). We tell God we are sorry and mean it. We ask God to help us not sin anymore…We believe that He is who the Bible says He is. We trust that He will save us from the punishment of our sin. You also trust God to know what is best for you. Since Jesus is the King of kings, died and came to life again for you, choose to love Him, trust Him, and obey Him for the rest of your life. At Christmas, we give gifts to each other. The first Christmas, God gave us the greatest gift ever–Jesus Christ. All He wants in return is your heart. He wants you to love and trust Him with all that you are. Have you done that? Would you like to do that? There is no better time than today.

SCRIPTURE: Romans 10:1-27

MUSIC VIDEO: Little Drummer Boy

Performed by For King and Country

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