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Reflection on the Shepherds


Written by Susan Smart, a contemporary author, and the owner of the creativebiblestudy.com website.

The shepherds were some of the first entrusted with the Good News that the Savior was born. No, God didn’t choose the rich, the well-educated, the influential.  He chose common shepherds. This just shows me again how great God’s love is for us; He doesn’t want anyone to not hear the Gospel!  It’s not for an elite group; it’s for an elect group – anyone and everyone who believes trusting Jesus as our Savior…our Shepherd.

A good shepherd lays down his life, he cares for the sheep, he protects the sheep, he gathers the sheep, he knows his own sheep. Think about the many ways God has cared for you today. He knows everything about each of us and still cares and loves us. He is our protector.  The question is – do we know Him? Jesus says “My own know Me.”  If you don’t know Jesus, you can! You do not have to be a lost sheep wandering all by yourself. The Good Shepherd has come searching for you to make you His own. Let’s be like the shepherds from that first Christmas night and share the Good News that Jesus, the Son of God, has come to save and give life. Hope is found in Him! Keep your eyes open during this Christmas season for shepherds and let them remind you of this Christmas devotion and how much the Good Shepherd loves you!

SCRIPTURE: Luke 2:15; 17-20

MUSIC VIDEO: Go Tell it on the Mountain

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