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Written by Ruth Grendell.

I have a collection of Creche ornaments that I have collected over the years. Initial ones were purchased with my childhood allowance at the local Dime Store! Bob made a wood manger to house them. I’ve gathered others from different countries, and a small ornament that is intricately carved from a soft, rough white How-lite stone from Romania that is displayed in its special place all year. Eventually, the collection includes a beautiful set of Lenox figurines. I even have a set of needlepoint figures –that are still in progress! Perhaps that will be my goal for 2022.

Christmas really begins for me when the ornaments are unwrapped, as I reflect on the history of acquiring each one. The grandchildren have heard the stories and have chosen their favorites. Each year an artist friend and his wife send their card with a picture of the creche nestled in a beautiful setting. They travel throughout the world and always looks for a perfect location where he can insert his drawing of Christ’s birth. The one, below, that I have framed has a very prominent place near our Christmas tree.

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 1:24-31

MUSIC VIDEO: Some Children See Him

Performed by Sixpence None the Richer

Creche Scene Submitted by Ruth Grendell

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