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Being Content


Written by Tom Lemler, a contemporary author and the  director of Impact Prayer Ministry.

Are there things that you want, or want more of, just because you see someone else have them? What are some of those things? How effective is visual advertising in getting you to think you need something? With the costs of 30-second advertisements during events like the Super Bowl in the millions of dollars, how effective do you think companies believe visual advertising is? How would a lifestyle of contentment help you to live obediently to God’s command to not covet?

Doing the right thing has always been a core part of who I am. Not that I have always chosen the right thing, but the desire to do so seems to have been imbedded in me by my parents and by God Himself. Our society makes living with an attitude of contentment a very difficult thing to do. Knowing that God commands me to be content, to not covet what others have, helps me have a desire to be satisfied with what He gives me.

Each of us have different things that bring us satisfaction and make contentment more likely in our lives. For some it is financial or material reward. For others it is being recognized or honored for what we do. Still others have great contentment when they see the lives of people changed as a result of the effort they have given. Whatever is our “reward” of choice, we will all have times when that reward doesn’t come and we must choose to be content in the circumstances we face. Pray that your life would be a reflection of both the godliness and contentment displayed in the life of Jesus.


Written by Scotty Smith , a contemporary pastor and author.

Father, growth in contentment is growth in grace, so supersize the chambers of my heart to receive more of your grace. Rescue me from my pathetically small notions of your love and goodness. Free me from the stranglehold of my unbelief; revealed in the fear I have in even praying for contentment. Liberate me for being, not just satisfied in Christ, but overwhelmed, smitten and in awe of every good thing you have given us in Jesus. So very Amen I pray, in Jesus’ powerful and beautiful name. 

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