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Life Itself


Written by Philip Yancey, a contemporary American author who writes primarily about spiritual issues. This is an excerpt from his book with Dr. Paul Brand, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.”

Under the old covenant, worshipers brought the sacrifice—they gave. In the new, believers receive tokens of the finished work of the risen Christ. “My body, which was broken for you…my blood which was shed for you…” In those phrases, Jesus spans the distance from Jerusalem to me, cutting across the years that separate his time from mine. When we come to the table we come short of breath, with a weakened pulse. We live in a world far from God, and during the week we catch ourselves doubting. We muddle along with our weaknesses, our repeated failings, our stubborn habits, our aches and pains. In that condition, bruised and pale, we are beckoned by Christ to his table to celebrate life. We experience the gracious flow of God’s forgiveness and love and healing—a murmur to us that we are accepted and made alive, transfused…The Lord’s Supper sums up all three tenses: the life that was and died for us, the life that is and lives in us, and the life that will be. Christ is no mere example of living; he is life itself.


Written by Luci Shaw, a contemporary American writer of poetry and essays.

Lord, I admit that I often feel inadequate, in spite of  your promises. Often I hold back. Help me to take the risks of faith, to be aware of your affirming presence in my life. Sharpen my spirit and my senses, and enable me to pay attention to the moments of God-radiance when you ask me to look and listen. Amen.

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