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Written by Craig Denison, a contemporary Christian author and speaker. This is an excerpt from his daily devotional “First 15.”

Not only do unity and harmony provide a better life for all involved, but they also glorify Jesus.  When we love each other well and offer grace and forgiveness, we demonstrate Christ’s power to change hearts to the world. When we live in harmony together, we worship with our lives in one beautiful, unified voice. The power of the gospel is that God will always love us in our pride and transgressions, but he doesn’t intend to leave us there. God works in the hearts of his people, knitting them together in harmony like a beautiful tapestry of transformed lives. You and I are written into the pages of God’s beautiful narrative. We have an important place in his eternal story of redemption. Spend time in God’s presence today allowing him to fill you with the desire and ability to pursue harmony with others. Pursue unity with the people God’s placed in your life. And experience transformation in your relationships as God works through you to produce unity and joy.


Written by Emilie Griffin, a contemporary American author who writes about religious experience and spiritual life.

Dear God, help me to know that I am your child. Teach me to weigh the meaning of this title “Children of God.” Show me the power of your purifying love, and make me patient for my own transformation. Amen.

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