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The Beauty of God


Today’s meditation is from the “Our Daily Bread Mountain Life” devotional.

The privilege of worship includes beholding the beauty of God. Have you ever wondered why there is so much beauty in the world in the first place? There is simply no way that this beauty we enjoy came about by accident. It is also not an accident that we all enjoy beauty so much. We are all drawn to beauty for a reason – God designed us to be drawn to beauty! This is why, when we see something or someone we deem beautiful, it is very hard not to stop and look. One of God’s greatest gifts to us is the ability He gives us to take in the beauty of the world.

During this pandemic, my wife and I have been watching a series on Netflix called, “Our Planet”. This series reveals some very profound nature and animal scenes that have brought great joy to our hearts. Though the narrative does not give God glory for His creation (huge mistake – see Psalm 19:1), we are happy to do so as we watch it! Our love for God has grown in the ongoing realization that He has made all things for us to enjoy. Now, what many of us fail to realize is that behind the beauty of the world is our beautiful God. He designed creation to be an expression of His artistic character. The beauty of God resides in His splendor, majesty, brightness, holiness, glory, goodness, loving kindness and greatness. These descriptive words help us realize that when the eyes of our hearts begin to look at God our souls will delight in Who He Is, even as we are ever amazed that He welcomes us to come to Him. So as we worship God what we need to be looking for, with the help of His Spirit, is His beauty. When we even begin to catch a glimpse of it, our hearts will leap for joy, and our desire to spend more time with Him will certainly grow!


Written by Dan George (1899-1981), chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation. He was also an actor, musician, poet, and author.

We bless you, Lord,

For the beauty of the trees,

the softness of the air,

the fragrance of the grass.

We bless you Lord,

For the soaring of the skies,

the rhythms of the earth,

the stillness of the night.

We bless you, Lord,

For the twinkling of the stars,

the freshness of the morning,

the dewdrops on the flower.

We bless you, Lord,

For the taste of good food,

the trail of the sun,

and the life that never goes away.

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