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True Freedom


Written by Joan Puls, a contemporary author.  This is an excerpt from her book “Every Bush is Burning.”

True freedom, as true love, rids us of fear. In the economics of the kingdom, faith is sufficient. Faith the size of a mustard seed. The faith that is confident assurance concerning things we hope for and conviction about things we do not see. The faith that recognized the nobility of the poor and the beauty of the arthritic. In the spirit of such faith, one comes to a certain self-possession. And it is security and currency enough for life’s transactions. If we possess ourselves, in truth and in humility, we need not fear what might be taken from us. For all else is bonus and non-essential. Anyone who has been given the kingdom need not fear the loss of lesser goods and more tangible riches.


Written by Megan Bailey, a contemporary author and content producer.

Father, I am grateful for Your gracious offer to give me a new heart, one that loves You, one that is tender and responsive to Your voice and one that reflects Your love back to everyone in my life, friend and foe alike. How can I access this heart? Through faith – just the same way I received my salvation in the first place. So in faith, I take You at Your word. I receive today a new heart and a new spirit. I will walk with this new heart and care for this new spirit by my commitment to Your Word and by seeking Your face through prayer and worship. Praise You! I receive a new ME! Amen.

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