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Beckoning Love


Written by Donald J. Shelby (1931-2012), a minister, speaker, and writer. This is an excerpt from his book “Forever Beginning.”

Meeting Jesus does not inevitably lead to his becoming our personal savior. We must make room in our life for him; we must choose him and accept him as our savior by claiming his presence. We must let him be Lord of our lives. That decision involves opening ourselves to Jesus and receiving him into the most intimate dimensions of our lives. Because Jesus comes to us in love, he refuses to exploit or manipulate us, to be coercive or invasive, for to do so would contradict the very nature of love. If he would be loved by others, we must let them love us. We must be vulnerable and reachable enough that others can get close enough to love us, including Jesus. So Jesus approaches the threshold of our being with beckoning love, and he waits for us to open our life to him from the inside….

To enter into that intimate relationship where Jesus becomes our savior is to let Jesus be with us and within us, person to person, on the emotional and volitional levels of our being. It is to respond to the contagion of his presence. It is to let down whatever defenses we hav in place so that we come together heart to heart, so that the spirit in him touches and resonates with the spirit in us. It is to meet him with our deepest feelings and fears, with our aspirations and imaginations, with our desires and loyalties, with our creative energies and self-understanding. It is to meet him with our shadow-side and our hidden face, risking his acceptance of all we are – even those things about ourselves we have rejected and tried to disguise. It is to meet him with the expectation that what happens between him and us will enlarge life with fulfillment and beauty. It is to enjoy with him that same pervasive sense of well-being and excitement that quickens in us when we spend unhurried time with good friends or when we share intimate moments of oneness with those we love. It is to meet him with gratitude and a sense of wonder over the gift of himself that Jesus offers.


Written by Phil Togwell, a contemporary writer and   leader of the Anglican Diocese of Durham’s Prayer Project.

While I may not have any actual enemies, I can think of a few people who annoy me, people who have upset me, hurt me, and offended me. Jesus, help me to love them. And as I pray my best prayer for them now, I choose to bless them in your name. Jesus, I am deeply grateful that you love me as I am, but also that you don’t leave me as I am. Because you love me, you admonish me, you don’t let me get away with bad behavior, you discipline me. And I yield to it all again. Help me to become a little more like you in the way that I love others today. Amen.

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