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Meeting the Messiah


Written by Donald J. Shelby (1931-2012), a minister, speaker, and writer. This is an excerpt from his book “Meeting the Messiah.”

To meet the Messiah in a yes-or-no encounter forces us to examine and to admit what we hold absolute, which is exactly what happened to the rich young ruler long ago. Jesus had—and still has—a disturbing way of putting everything into a different perspective. In his presence we cannot get by with “almost” or “maybe” or “later.” A confrontation with Jesus is always a rigorous examination of the “musts” of our life. It is not unlike sifting through the ashes after a fire has destroyed our home and the possessions of a lifetime. In that aftermath we slowly relearn what we actually keep and what we value most. Or it is not unlike lying in the intensive care unit of a hospital after a massive coronary. In the silent darkness of early morning, we ask where all the hurrying and demanding, all the striving and spending bring us – at last.


Written by Thomas A Kempis (1380-1471), the author of “The Imitation of Christ”, one of the most popular and best known Christian books on devotion. 

Most benign Lord Jesus, grant me Your grace, that it may always be with me and work with me and preserve me unto the end. Grant that I may always desire and will what is most pleasing and acceptable to You. Let Your will be my will, and let my will always follow Your will and best conform with it. Let there be always in me one will and one desire with You, and grant that I may have no power to will or not to will except as You will or do not will. Grant that I may die to all things in the world, and that for You  I may love to be despised and be a man unknown in this world. Grant me, also, above all things that can be desired, that I may rest in You and fully in You bring peace to my heart. You, Lord are the truest peace of the heart, and the perfect rest of body and soul, and without You all things weary and disturb. Wherefore, in that peace which is in you, on high, one blessed and one endless Goodness, shall I find my rest. So be it. Amen.

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