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Friend of God


Written by Ann Carr, a contemporary professor of theology.

What if one were to envision God as friend rather than father or mother? What if God is friend to humanity as a whole, and even more intimately, friend to the individual, to me? A friend whose presence is joy, ever-deepening relationship and love, ever available in direct address, in communion and presence? A friend whose person is fundamentally a mystery, inexhaustible, never fully known, always surprising? Yet a friend, familiar, comforting, at home with us: a friend who urges our freedom and autonomy in decision, yet who is present in the community of interdependence and in fact creates it? A friend who widens our perspectives daily and who deepens our passion for freedom—our own and that of others? What if? Jesus’ relationship to his disciples was that kind of friendship, chosen friends; he was rather critical of family ties. His friendship transformed their lives—both women and men—expanded their horizons; his Spirit pressed them forward. Can we pray to the God of Jesus, through the Spirit, as friends?


Written by Blair Monie (1948-2018), an American Presbyterian minister and professor of theology.

May the Living Lord go with you;

May he go behind you, to encourage you,

beside you, to befriend you,

above you, to watch over you,

beneath you, to lift you from your sorrows,

within you, to give you the gifts of faith, hope, and love,

and always before you, to show you the way. Amen.

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