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Written by Oswald J. Smith (1889-1986), a Canadian pastor and evangelist.

Have you confessed, renounced, and surrendered? If you have, then all you have to do is to believe. God will then give you a supernatural faith and you will be able to trust Him for the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Remember, the Holy Spirit is more anxious to fill you than you are to be filled. Nature abhors a vacuum. So it is with the Holy Spirit. As soon as your heart is ready He will come in and then He will complete the transformation until you are finally changed into Christlikeness. There may not be any great emotional experience. God never promises it. No two are filled the same. When there is a lot of sin there may be a tremendous experience. When there is a big dam and it is suddenly taken away there will be a mighty rush and roar as the water pours over. If there is no great dam, then, as you quietly yield, He will flow in His fullness and fill you without any tremendous upheaval, but it will be real nevertheless. The result will be seen in your ministry. You will be used by God. Conviction will grip the hearts of those to whom you witness. God will work in you and through you for His glory.


Written by Emilie Griffin, a contemporary American author who writes about religious experience and spiritual life.

Dear God, help me to trust in the power of your Incarnate Word even when I do not see the way. Let me not second-guess you. Let me not put my wisdom above yours. Let me believe, Lord, that evil is overcome by your grace. And show me how to forgive my enemies, as Jesus did. Teach me to trust in the Incarnation of Christ Jesus, who comes to transform our fallen world. Amen.

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