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Clear Purpose


Written by Hugh Prather (1938-2010), an American writer, lay minister, and counselor. This is an excerpt from his book “The Quiet Answer.”

When our purpose is clear, there is no question what to do. Ultimately, we cannot make a mistake, for God has provided a purpose to all we have done even though our motives may have been insincere at the time. Love uses all to bless all. Our progress is seen not in what we do but in what we perceive our goal to be. Either we assign our ego’s objective or God’s purpose, and that is determined by what we choose to consult within us at the time each decision is made. It is impossible not to consult something. If we think that our experience is our guide, we will not believe that the still and present urgings of Love direct us.


Written by the writer of our meditation, Hugh Prather

I give this time to You alone. Please guide me in this prayer. I ask only for honesty and total sincerity. May I pray from my heart alone. If there is anything I should experience now, or any words I should hear, I am ready to receive them. In stillness and quiet listening, I now open myself to you.  Amen.

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