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Forgive Them


Written by Jack Graham, a contemporary pastor and author.

As we all know, words are powerful… especially dying words. And as we near Easter Sunday, it’s important that each of us remembers just exactly what Jesus had to say right before His earthly life ended. One of the last things Jesus said while hanging from the cross were words of forgiveness. Today I want to ask you, if Christ could pray a prayer of forgiveness for those who were putting Him to death, can you pray a prayer of forgiveness for those in your life who mistreat you? Despite what you may be going through today, can you look past your own “junk” and extend forgiveness to others?

Jesus’ dying words on the cross are a powerful example of how you and I ought to treat those who mistreat us. Are you willing to follow His perfect example in every area of your life today? Will you extend forgiveness to those who don’t deserve it? I challenge you to pick up your cross today… and live out the life of forgiveness Christ has given you! 


Written by Kristine Brown, a contemporary Christian author and speaker.

Dear Merciful Lord, thank you for your gift of forgiveness. Your only Son loved me enough to come to earth and experience the worst pain imaginable so I could be forgiven. Your mercy flows to me in spite of my faults and failures. Your Word says to “clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony.” Help me demonstrate unconditional love today, even to those who hurt me. 


Forgiveness: Matthew West. Written by Matthew West in 2012.

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