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Tune Into God


Written by Vickie Stone.

As a kid growing up in Columbus, Ohio many weekends my family would pack up and drive over to Indiana to visit my cousins.  Loaded in the station wagon with just the radio for entertainment, we drove northwest and eventually could tune in WOWO radio station.  At first it was just bits of the broadcast with mostly static, then it would come in loud and clear.  Now we were still far away from my cousin’s home, but WOWO had a 10,000 watt signal, so in those parts it carried quite a distance!  My folks told my sisters, brother and I that the station was around when they were growing up.

A relationship with God is much like a radio station.  We must tune in regularly and listen carefully to His channel.  Do we actually spend time every day to not only pray, but to listen?  We need to listen to the still small voice that talks to our hearts. Like many perhaps, I have struggled with this, but once I understood the reason Jesus took himself away from His disciples and went out into the wilderness to spend quiet, uninterrupted time with His Father, it became easier.  During the pandemic that began last year I began to carve out regular time each morning to meditate which I then combined with my prayer time. The benefits really helped me find peace during that turbulent year and continues to do so now.  And I’m grateful this meditation practice has become a habit; it helps me quiet my mind and listen.

As a lover of toe-tapping bluegrass music, there is a song called “Turn Your Radio On”. (Listen to the link below).     Can you hear God’s voice? Are you in tune with God’s spirit?  If you want a relationship with God and feel God’s power in your life, keep striving to have this relationship.  It’s one that will always be there.


Written by Phil Togwell, a contemporary author and leader of the Anglican Diocese of Durham’s Prayer Project.

Thank you, Father, for loving me with all Your heart, all Your soul, and all Your mind. Inspire me this week to love You more with all of mine. Thank You, Jesus, for Your faithful and sacrificial friendship. Help me this week to be a faithful and sacrificial friend like You. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for listening to my many thoughts and words and dreams. Still my soul this week to listen much more carefully to Yours. Amen.


Turn Your Radio On: Rose Maddox with the Vern Williams Band. Written by Rose Maddox and first performed in 1982.  

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