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Whistling Kettle


Written by Catherine A. Welch, a contemporary author.  This is from her devotional in Hope-Full Living.

When a whistling kettle calls us, we don’t ignore it. If we do, the boiling water keeps roiling until all escapes as steam and leaves the kettle bone dry and scorching hot.  Lent is like a whistling kettle calling to us. You’re losing spiritual steam! Hope, joy, and peace are escaping. Turn back to God! Lent calls us to stop the roiling—clinging to past sins or denying our sins—before we become spiritually bone dry. We can refresh our souls by hearing and accepting God’s Word. Let us reflect on Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection with an honest and good heart. We can bear good fruit. With patience and God’s grace, we can do better loving God, ourselves, and others.


Written by William Bright (1824-1901), an English ecclesiastical historian and Anglican priest.

O most loving Father,

you want us to give thanks for all things,

to dread nothing but losing you,

and to cast all our anxiety on you

because you care for us.

Preserve us from faithless fears and worldly anxieties

and grant that no clouds of this mortal life

may hide from us the light of that love

which is immortal,

and which you have shown us

in your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.



Through It All: Hillsong Worship. Written by Morgan Reuben Timothy and  released in 2002 on Hillsong’s album “Blessed.”

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