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Where Are You?


Written by Arie Leder, a contemporary teacher of the Old Testament and pastor.

The first question God asks in the Bible may seem a bit strange. We might think God would ask, “What have you done?” since Adam had disobeyed God’s instruction not to eat from the tree in the middle of the garden. But the question God asks is “Where are you?”—and, of course, God knows exactly where Adam and Eve are. God’s question makes clear to us that we cannot hide from him (Psalm 139:7-12), that we belong in his presence, that he made us to walk with him. But the guilt of our sin pushes us to try to hide. We try to cover up or run away, not wanting to face up to what we’ve done. The time of Lent gives us an excellent opportunity to focus on the “where” of God’s question: our walk with God. The Bible uses the word “way” for the first time in Genesis 3:24, saying that the “way” back to the garden was blocked by an angel with a sword. But God loved the world so much that he provided the way back to him, and to full life again, through Jesus Christ, who said: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” Walking with the Lord means constantly answering the question “Where are you?” and emerging from our hiding places—that we may see ourselves in the light of God’s grace. It’s a good question to ask at the beginning of each day.


Written by Phil Togwell, a contemporary author and leader of the Anglican Diocese of Durham’s Prayer Project.

I become aware of my thoughts — especially the things that are distracting and disturbing me.  Lord, I offer you  my thinking, and I ask you to give me peace.

I notice my emotions — especially the feelings that are affecting my mood. Lord, I offer you all that I am feeling right now, and I ask you to give me joy.

I notice my body — especially the places where I can feel tension and stress.  Lord, I breathe slowly and deeply. I set myself at rest in your presence and I ask you to make me whole.  Amen.


Take My Hand Precious Lord/Just a Closer Walk With Thee: Selah.  Take My Hand Precious Lord is a gospel song written by Thomas Dorsey in the bereavement of the death of his wife in childbirth in 1932. Just a Closer Walk with Thee is a gospel song from an unknown writer, but likely dates back to Southern African American churches of the 19th century.

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