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Written by Michael Dyer.

It is amazing how unexpected interruptions in one’s life can contribute to important personal change. I recently contracted Covid-19. Fortunately, my symptoms were very mild. The main consequence of it for me was a forced quarantine. Normal activities both inside and outside my residence were prohibited for TWO WEEKS. A completely new schedule of activities was required. I was like a university professor on sabbatical!

Fortunately, the disruption gave me the opportunity to develop a few spiritual habits to prioritize time with God in my daily schedule, to devote more time to reading the scriptures and reflecting on the passages, and prayer. I began with small steps…starting the day with the Village Church Daily Devotional I receive via email. I started compiling a prayer list and reading a few psalms to start my day. Psalm 51 was a staple. Next, I scheduled time to watch the weekly Bible Study on Romans that our Pastoral Staff prepares.  Finally, I resolved to refer to my prayer list three times per day to ask for God’s favor and healing power to be granted to myself and others in specific need. Amazingly, I had time to do this yet ample time remained during the day for other tasks and duties. An interruption in my schedule to address a personal health issue instead contributed even more greatly to an improvement in my spiritual health. This is a daily routine I plan to continue with, even when the COVID crisis passes.  Our God works in mysterious ways….what a blessing!


From the Gallican Sacramentary, an historical version of Christian liturgy within the Latin church in the 1st millennium.

O God, set us on fire with your Spirit. Strengthen us with your power. Enlighten us with your splendor. Fill us with your grace. Draw us forward with your help.

O Lord, give us a right faith, perfect love, true humility. O Lord, give us simple affection, brave patience, persevering obedience, perpetual peace, a pure mind, a right and clean heart, a good will, a sharpened conscience, spiritual strength, a life unspotted and blameless. And having finished the course, enter your kingdom by your grace. Amen.


Psalm 51: Jason Silver.  Psalm 51 is put to music, as arranged by Jason Silver.

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