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Written by Peggy Stackle from the Village Church.

We moved to San Diego in 1965. Golly, could it possibly have been that long ago? I had truly been excited about moving to San Diego County. A new job had moved us here. New house, new neighbors, new schools for the boys. New places to shop! Our new house in Poway was the corner house of the subdivision so we had open space on two sides of the house … and rattle snakes and coyotes. Once the excitement of the move and rearranging of our lives was more or less settled, I realized that I didn’t have any old friends anymore. I just couldn’t get over the feeling of being isolated. There was no one to chat with, no one to ask questions, no one to go with for a cup of coffee. No one if I needed help.

I was born in Burbank, lived there all my life, never moved out of the San Fernando Valley until the day the moving van came and took us to Poway. My parents had been prominent in Burbank, both were involved with the church, the city, and socially active. Everybody knew my sister and me. I suppose I can admit this now, I got out of a ticket when I was 16 because the officer recognized my last name. He asked me if I was “Paul’s daughter” and I meekly nodded my head and said, “uh huh”. He said he wouldn’t give me a ticket, but he was going to tell my dad. My dad laughed when I told him. And he thanked the officer. The first thing I did was go find a church. Then I joined the choir. Finally, friends. And a place where I could settle and worship and grow in our new community.


Written by Candace Crabtree, a contemporary writer.

God, let us come before you with humility and a willingness to obey. Let us put others first and serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. May we seek God first, putting aside our own desires. May we become intercessors for our brothers and sisters in Christ. May we pray more and criticize less. May we be encouragers and uplifters. Amen.

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