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Friendship in Exile


Written by Ruth Grendell from the Village Church.

My friend, Betty Simm, gave me her book of poems “Windows to My Soul”. Several years ago, Betty and her daughter, Kathy, moved to Utah to be with the family.  Now, our conversations are via phone calls and letters.  Every Christmas she sends the gift of a new poem to add to my collection.  During the Advent Season, the new poem is a reference for the time of looking forward to all the activities related to Christ’s birth. “It is our beginning, a spiritual birth. Jesus in human form proclaiming God with us”. However, during the six weeks of the Lenten season the gift of the poem encourages me to reflect on the life of Jesus—to acknowledge the purpose of His life; the impact on my life, my heart, and my mind.  I plan to select special times each day to reflect on the poem, to pray, to read the Scriptures as I acknowledge the true purpose of Christ’s life; to teach me, to be humble—to hope for the future, and to acknowledge his sacrifice for all of us. (If you see me wave my hand to the back of the sanctuary after the service, it’s to indicate that Betty, Kathy and I are still worshipping together as they are watching the service online).


Today’s prayer is from the Roman Breviary, a liturgical book first published in 1482.  It is also known as “the Liturgy of the Hours.”

O Lord,

be our Sanctifier and the Shepherd.

Strengthen and help us,

that in our daily life walk with you,

we serve you in all quietness of spirit,

through Jesus Christ our Master. Amen.

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