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Written by Lyn Lloyd-Smith from the Village Church.

On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand, All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand.

The parable of the wise and foolish builders was a foundational story in my childhood. I was drawn to the imagery; I saw myself standing on the rock that was Jesus while the swirling sand around me was washed away.  And now, as I think of the theme of exile, I come back to this story.

Life had taken me many places, most recently to Southern California with its earthquakes and wildfires, sparkling ocean, and glorious summers. My moves have always been by choice, I have not faced the difficulties of the refugee, I am free to return, I can stay in touch with my loved ones. Yet, there are elements of exile that are common to all those who have left their homeland.  You can never truly leave, and you can never truly go back. Those foundations that were built within your culture and country continue to play an important role in your life and you must adapt, sometimes with difficulty, to where you find yourself. If you do return, you find that those adaptations have changed you and your home has moved on since you left it. The disorientation can be profound.

I go back to the parable of the rock.  I had always thought of that rock as being static, unmoving, but rather than immovable, I now understand it to be unchanging. The thing about building your life on Jesus is that, like the floating foundations, built to withstand the Californian earthquakes, the rock does not change, it moves with you, keeps you orientated, and when the tremors of life come, your true and constant homeland is in Jesus and his endless love for you.


Today’s Prayer is written by Paul Dhinakaran, a contemporary leader of  “The Jesus Calls Ministry” and education leader in India.

Loving Father, Thank You for teaching me this truth about who You are. Lord, You are the Rock of the Ages and my Rock in whom I trust. Satisfy me with Your finest blessings and all spiritual blessings, especially Your very nature and to be built upon You so that I will not be moved. I give You all glory. In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

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