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The Long Way


Written by Vickie Stone from the Village Church.

A few years ago, a story in the Daily Word by Leslie Koh made me recall as a Human Resources professional the times I saw employees and supervisors be impatient with the pace of the climb up their career ladders.) Leslie told of a young employee, Benjamin, who was frustrated when his colleagues were promoted ahead of him.  Some of his family and friends would ask him “how come you’re not yet a manager? You deserve it.” But Benjamin decided to leave his career in God’s hands and figured if he learned all he could and did his job well, God’s plan for him would become evident. After a few years, Benjamin was indeed promoted and by then, his additional experience gave him the skills he needed to be confident in his job, but more importantly, won him the respect of his subordinates. In the meantime, several who were promoted ahead of Benjamin were struggling with their supervisory responsibilities, as they were promoted before they had the experience and skills to be effective. Benjamin realized God had taken him “the long way around” so he would be best prepared for his role.

Like the Israelites being led by God out of Egypt. God chose a longer way because the “shortcut” to Canaan was filled with perils. Bible scholars have observed that this gave the Israelites more time to build themselves up physically, mentally, and spiritually for subsequent battles. The shortest way isn’t always the best. Sometimes God lets us take the longer route in life, whether it’s in a career path or other endeavors, so that we’ll be better prepared for the journey ahead. When things don’t seem to happen quickly enough, we should trust always, in God, the One who leads and guides us. Ask God to help you trust in His sovereign plan and purpose for your life.


Written by Lori Freeland, a contemporary author.

Lord, I’m stuck in a place I don’t want to be. It seems everyone else is speeding forward. It’s so hard to watch sometimes. What if my life always looks and feels this way? Things have to change. I must move on. I need something new right now.  But that’s not your way. You want me to grow when I want to run away. Soothe my anxiety. Take away my desperation. Stretch my perseverance. Thank you for knowing what’s best for me. Thank you for helping me let go and giving me the patience to wait on your timing not mine.   Amen.

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