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Ambassador of God


Written by Angus Buchan, a contemporary author and evangelist  from South Africa.  This is an excerpt from his book “In Quietness and Trust.”

Mahatma Gandhi was the first prime minister of India. He had a quarter of the world’s population eating out of the palm of his hand. He said that he would have no problem following after Jesus Christ; but he felt he could not reconcile himself to Jesus’ followers. This is a sad indictment against us as ambassadors of Jesus. Gandhi came out from England to South Africa as the Queen’s Council. One day he was traveling in first class on a train. When he asked for bedding, he was thrown off the train in Pietemaritzburg, because of the color of his skin. That night he sat on the platform and he made a decision that he would stand up for righteousness and truth. If we are ambassadors then our lives have to be in line with what we say. We are not Christ’s lawyers, we are His witnesses. We don’t have to argue with people about Jesus, we don’t have to try and persuade people to become Christians. The greatest asset we have—the greatest credential that the church of Jesus Christ has—is love. As Christians, we are to love people into the Kingdom of God. You need to know in whom to believe and what to believe.


Written by Angus Buchan, author of today’s meditation.

Father God, today I come before You acknowledging that there are times that I allow prejudice to overrule my desire to share Your love with others. Forgive me, I pray. Wash me clean and give me a heart filled with love. My witness is worth nothing if it is not infused with love for others. Amen.

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