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Written by Gary Chapman, a contemporary author.

Growing up, Mary Beth knew her parents loved her, but they were restrained in showing their love. She fondly remembers her childhood bedtime routine, because then she heard their love most clearly. Every night as her mother tucked her in bed she told Mary Beth, “Always remember: Mommy loves you. Daddy loves you. And Jesus loves you most of all.” Now Mary Beth is grown and her mother’s spirited personality has faded under the ravages of Alzheimer’s. As Mary Beth and her father care for her mom, Mary Beth holds her mother’s hands and echoes the words her mom said to her years ag “Always remember: I love you. Dad loves you. And Jesus loves you most of all.” Mary Beth doesn’t know how much her mother understands. She does know that these simple words speak to her own heart because they remind her that God’s love in us is powerful no matter how we feel. Our love is incomplete, but we keep loving people, knowing that Jesus is at work through us to show others the love of our heavenly Father. It is God who loves us more than we can imagine. It is God who gives us the desire to love others extravagantly. And it is God who reminds us that Christ’s unfailing love in us is what matters—most of all. 


Written by Dennis Yount (1941-1984), a Marine, bartender, and actor.

In the Name of Love, we have come.

In the Name of Love, we are here.

And, in the Name of Love we will go.

Knowing in our Hearts and in our Souls

that what we have experienced is truly Divine.

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