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Shared Prayer


Written by Martha Graybeal Rowlett, a contemporary pastor, and author. This is an excerpt from her book “Praying Together.”

Shared prayer adds power to the work of intercession. Christians dare to believe that God needs and wants our prayers, our compassionate intercession for one another and for the world. Through our prayers for one another, circumstances are changed, and the work of the kingdom is done. An individual may feel overwhelmed by the needs of the world, or even the needs of a single congregation, but there is strength in numbers. Individuals gain courage for the task of intercession when the community prays together, aware of Christ’s presence among those gathered in his name. And the person for whom prayers are offered feels the added force of multiple prayers.


Written by Mother Marie de Laroche (1812-1857) a French noblewoman who became the co-foundress of the Sisters of Divine Providence. La Roche University is named in honor of her.

We pray in the strength of Your sovereign name. Amen.

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