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Written by Trevor Hudson, a contemporary South African pastor, author and speaker.


We must receive God’s compassion for it to flow through us. Seeking to express the divine compassion without receiving it leads towards “compassion-fatigue.” Often, caring Christ-followers end up weary and overwhelmed because they neglect to consciously receive God’s compassion. You may be one of them. Certainly, I have been.  We need to ask for the grace to receive God’s compassion more deeply. We must not get too “spiritual” about this. God’s compassion surrounds us, embraces us, permeates us and all creation. It flows towards us each moment of our lives. Through gifts of creation like the beauty of our garden, the faithfulness of our dog, the aroma of an early morning cup of coffee.  Through gifts of people around us like the hug of a loved one, the faithfulness of a friend, the smile of a stranger.  Through gifts of creativity like music that touches our soul, art that speaks to our longings, a book that moves our heart. Through gifts of silence like meditation on Scripture, our time of prayer, the sheer stillness itself.  We need to consciously receive God’s compassion however and wherever it may come to us. This also means shaping our everyday lives to ensure that we have regular practices that dispose us to receive God’s compassion: going for a walk, spending time in the garden, dwelling in Scripture, conversation with loved ones, taking the dog for a stroll, spending time in silence, or maybe just taking the time to breathe in deeply the gift of our own being!


Written by Henri Jozef Nouwen (1932-1996), a Dutch priest, professor, writer and theologian. This prayer is from “A Cry for Mercy: Prayers from the Genesee.”

Dear God, as you draw me ever deeper into your heart, I discover that my companions on the journey are women and men loved by you as fully and as intimately as I am. In your compassionate heart, there is a place for all of them. No one is excluded. Give me a share in your compassion, dear God, so that your unlimited love may become visible in the way I love my brothers and sisters. Amen.

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