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Waiting on God

Written by Costa Stathakis, a contemporary Australian minister and author. This is from his work  “God’s Purpose for Our lives,” which was published in “The Upper Room Disciplines in 1999.”


We live in an age of instant answers; we want the Lord to reveal God’s plan for us immediately in response to our prayers. The psalmist suggests just the opposite. The psalmist speaks of waiting on God: “I waited patiently for the LORD.” The psalmist, like many of us, was probably not very good at waiting. The psalm;s last words indicate a desire for immediate relief: “O my God, do not delay” (Psalm 40:17). God’s purpose for our lives unfolds gradually as a tree grows into fullness. It cannot be forced or achieved overnight. Jesus himself pointed out that the beauty of lilies does ont result from their own efforts,  for “they neither toil nor spin.” Their growth comes about by their yielding to the friendship of the sun and the rain in purposeful waiting.


Written by Kimberly Matthews, a certified lay minister and author.

Creator God, who stretches a hand across the heavens and spreads the stars in the sky, meet us in our waiting.

Loving Son, who came and comes and will come, come today and meet us in our waiting.

Abiding Spirit, who waits with us, speak to us in our waiting.

Loving God, grant us the courage to wait for you and the grace to realize you wait for us.


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